Corvus United provides engineering services to owners, developers and equipment manufacturers seeking to build or integrate power and hydrogen solutions in a wide variety of applications, from product development to commercial installations. Our world-class engineering team works to eliminate the traditional gap between engineering and construction, collaborating to inform engineering designs with real-world construction experience, and vice versa.

Our Engineering Services include:

Solar + Storage Plant Design

Hydrogen Plant Design/Build

Electrolysis Plant Design/Build

Microgrid System Design/Build

Utility Coordination / Interconnection


Our Construction Management team combines decades of experience managing the construction of renewable energy projects to ensure they meet engineering specifications as well as owner expectations.

Our Construction Management services include:

Project Scoping

We listen closely to the project owner’s goals and constraints, then map out the project’s critical path while simultaneously identifying ancillary project needs necessary for success. Corvus develops a unique strategy to engage the market and optimize the project parameters most important to our clients.

Cost Estimates

Early-stage development relies on accurate CapEx understanding. Corvus combines the same industry-standard estimating tools used by construction trades with deep subcontractor relationships to develop highly -accurate cost estimates. Leveraging our knowledge of construction cost and its major drivers, developers and owners can approach the construction market with far greater confidence and negotiating power.

Project Management

Our team adeptly represents our clients’ interests throughout the build process, from pre-construction to commissioning. Our construction professionals are flexible and seek to become a truly integrated extension of the owner’s team, providing turn-key construction delivery or on-demand project management.

Vendor Selection

Construction projects vary in size and complexity, and matching each project with the right combination of subcontractors is essential for optimum performance. Skill, experience, bandwidth, and commitment are just some of the factors to consider when selecting a contractor. Corvus thoroughly examines the complexity of each project and selects the right suite of contractors for getting it done on time and on budget.

Development Services

Corvus takes a collaborative approach when working with project developers. Our understanding of project financials and our relentless focus on quality and cost-efficiency makes Corvus an ideal partner for modeling and evaluating your renewable energy projects. We specialize in optimizing projects from the developer’s perspective and finding the perfect intersection between energy yield, CapEx, and long-term performance.

Our Development Services include:

Energy Yield Analyses

Energy yield is critical for any project pro forma, so we run numerous PVsyst iterations to find the optimum configuration for each site, identifying critical energy loss points throughout the power distribution system and then addressing those losses with cost effective solutions.

Permitting & Regulatory Support

Corvus’ core strategy is to engage early with permitting agents and other regulatory authorities to cultivate a spirit of partnership. In fact, this is how we approach all of our relationships. In the development space, we perform regulatory due diligence well in advance and come prepared with a thorough understanding of each party’s priorities and unique sensitivities. Our team proposes solutions to project challenges, fostering a common will to see the project through all development phases.

Independent Engineer Reviews

Corvus provides third-party design and document review, helping to ensure problems are avoided and milestones are met on time. Our team works with developers to review design and transaction documentation, identifying challenges before they become pitfalls. We also support asset owners post-construction to implement solutions to any operational issues that undermine revenue.

Site Selection & Survey Services

Corvus’ experience enables our team to identify optimum sites without burdensome due diligence costs. Transmission congestion, heavy civil work, or even a disgruntled neighbor can all be a development Achilles’ heel, so we leverage the latest technology, high-resolution GIS data sets, and our nimble survey partners to quickly identify suitable investment sites and eliminate siting snags early in the development process.