In the ever-evolving energy landscape, microgrid systems are a uniquely resilient solution for organizations seeking 100% reliable, renewable power. Sometimes referred to as Private Use Networks, these power systems combine local power generation, distribution, and loads into one resilient system that allows corporate campuses, logistic centers, manufacturing plants, and other large energy consumers to both control their power destiny and greatly enhance their ESG score. The far-spread deployment of renewable energy and emerging commercialization of base load technologies, such as solid oxide fuel cells, have brought the benefits of microgrid ownership to the forefront of today’s energy management strategies.      

Microgrid System Design/Build

We design and build microgrids and private use networks for commercial and industrial clients as well as project developers. Corvus addresses the needs of each project specifically and designs a microgrid that optimizes the use of various renewable energy technologies for the most reliable and cost-effective operation. Microgrids may be grid-tied, grid-independent or a hybrid systems, depending on customer needs.

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